Narrated Articles Update — 9/2020

Martin Rezny
2 min readSep 20, 2020

Three more of my stories got a voice-over treatment


Hello random reader, since I decided to keep narrating my articles on a regular schedule (one per week), I might as well make these updates a regular thing — expect at least three new narrated articles every month or so.

Apart from the obvious convenience that this represents for people who prefer audiobooks, I think it’s also a good way of bringing up some of my more popular older articles back from the archives.

It will either be any articles that have become topical again, or the most read or liked ones, or the ones that stirred up the biggest discussion, or the ones that I personally consider important. Just not the longest ones, not yet at least.

Here is the current batch:

As you will be able to see when you check these out, I also decided to step up my game on the visual side. From now on, any articles that are about movies, TV shows, or computer games will get a fully edited video, if you want to do more than just listen, and I’ll try to be creative with the rest (using what I’m currently learning to do in Blender).

With that said, feel free to suggest any particular article that you want me to do next, or any other (ideally public domain or your own) text that you’d like to hear me narrate. If you like this initiative and you want to show your support, I have also revamped my Patreon and PayPal accounts.