I think the problem with consciousness in particular from the reductionist point of view is that something like particle physics doesn't even begin to explain the qualitative phenomena that are the content of it, like why does chocolate taste the way it does, or why is green green.

I also believe that the notion that something beyond reductionism has to be magic or divine is a straw man position. There are scientists like Donald Hoffman who are quite convinced you can have physics that don't treat spacetime as fundamental - you could take consciousness as fundamental and create a non-magical physical model on that basis. Reliable, calculable physics. These can be developed and tested.

Overall, this article reads more like religious dogma or personal self-psychotherapy than a useful scientific insight. Like astrophysicist Travis Taylor says, if there are phenomena that we can't explain with our current model of physics, maybe there's more physics to be discovered. That isn't in any way an illogical, obviously wrong, extraneous notion. It's just like when physicists believed they have figured out everything with Newtonian physics.

Then quantum mechanics were discovered, and even though those are still reductionist, they sure looked plenty weird and "magic" to many experts, even "spooky". If the problem is hard, the answer maybe doesn't lie beyond science, but it easily may lie beyond existing models. The reason this article exists is precisely because as time progresses, there are more and more, not fewer and fewer, observed phenomena that the reductionist particle physics as we understand them may be insufficient to explain.

Finally, if you're a betting person, then historically speaking, the odds are that the old school physicists who say there's nothing more to the universe are always wrong. I personally think Feyerabend was right when he proposed that the best approach is methodological anarchy - no particular methodology should be put on a pedestal, especially in regards to phenomena which that particular methodology isn't very good at explaining at the moment, or hasn’t been for a long time.



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