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  • Ajmal Khan

    Ajmal Khan

    I write because I love writing. I write from the heart. You wont find much punctuation in my articles but you’ll find thoughts and feelings

  • V Douglas

    V Douglas

    Slinging cards and other wisdom from a queer, reflective perspective. Yes I started a blog during mercury rx, don’t @ me.

  • Tom D'kar

    Tom D'kar

    Bohemian citizen with background in philosophy, economics and entrepreneurship. Off/on grid nomad and wannabe surfer...

  • Sonya Sherman

    Sonya Sherman

    Information champion, filer and finder of stuff, book lover, story teller.

  • Sharon Hancock

    Sharon Hancock

    Writer, photographer, humourist who is often serious, sometimes reflective and always interested in the human story

  • Audra Pitts

    Audra Pitts

    I’m a writer of knowledge. My knowledge. Things I experienced first-hand and wish to share with my audience hoping to connect on a level of internal growth.

  • Niknesha Hairston

    Niknesha Hairston

    Writer, Teacher, Lover of Knowledge. On a journey to find what makes me the happiest in life and do it forever.

  • Christa Wojciechowski

    Christa Wojciechowski

    An American living in Panama, writing from the foot of a volcano. Creator of The Writers’ Mastermind. Sign up at https://letsgetpublished.com/waitlist

  • Jeffrey Goodman

    Jeffrey Goodman

    Navigating facts and numbers to help people. Strong opinions on climate change and healthcare. Objective, not neutral. MIT engineer, Wharton MBA.

  • Alexis karpouzos

    Alexis karpouzos

    Alexis Karpouzos (Greek : Αλέξης καρπούζος) is an Greek-born Philosopher, Spiritual Teacher and Author.

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