Are You Sometimes Too Lazy to Read?

Then I have good news for you, if you can at least tolerate my articles


This story is fairly brief — I bought a new streaming microphone (HyperX QuadCast, can’t recommend it enough), and I started using it. Specifically, I decided to narrate my articles, for your convenience and to get my YouTube channel going. I have already done three:

Given how many articles I have managed to write and post on this platform alone over the years, I imagine it might take me a while to tackle any substantial percentage of them, but I do intend to try to produce one each week, posted on Thursday (barring the ongoing apocalypse getting even apocalypsier).

Feel free to recommend which articles I should do first. Just keep in mind that the shorter the article is, the more likely I am to pick it sooner and produce it faster. By the time I get to the longest (and also most popular) ones, I would prefer having already reached my final form as a voice artist and sound technician.

Regarding the style and quality of my narration, I do have some voice acting background, so I think I generally know what I’m doing. Then again, I am rusty and figuring out new format and equipment, so I imagine it will take at least a few more attempts to get it right (in terms of volume, tempo, pitch, style, echoes in the room, etc.). I’m definitely open to helpful suggestions.

So that’s it, do you think it is a good idea? Will it be helpful to you? How do you feel about it? I will keep doing it regardless, as it is good practice for me, but I would like to steer it in a direction that most people would appreciate.

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Martin Rezny

Martin Rezny

An independent Czech thinker, speaker, writer, and creator.