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An independent Czech thinker, speaker, writer, and creator.

Welcome to my thoughts on life, the universe, and everything

I write about many things, have done so for many years, so trying to find your way around my blog may be daunting. These are some major topics:

Game Development

Philosophy and Spirituality

Reforming Education

Communication Skills

Fiction and Storytelling

UFO Reality

Sci-Fi Science

Understanding Magic

Astrology and Skepticism

Here are some other ways to navigate my writing. Words of Tomorrow…

Which would be a major bummer especially if the real world is one


Maybe you think you know where I’m going with this, but I’m reasonably sure I’m headed elsewhere. When people criticize simulations (mainly in the form of video games) or the simulation hypothesis, it tends…

Well, ignoring that you mention other intelligent terrestrial species that may just be hiding, which is entirely possible if they're more technologically advanced than us, there are also time travelers, then the so called ultraterrestrials from parallel universes, then there are interdimensional entities from domains more exotic than just the same physical universe in a different roll of the dice, including flat out "supernatural" beings like angels, demons, ghosts, or what have you (from a realm with sufficiently alien physics), then there are possible indigenous space animals, for lack of a better term, and then who knows what else. Some very specific research will have to be done to actually rule out any of the more outlandish possibilities.

A user’s review, but I’m serious about the magical implications


So, here’s a thing I never thought I’m going to do on this blog, reviewing merch. It’s not that I’m so anti-capitalist that I don’t buy or use consumer goods, I don’t even hate people for reviewing…

A disclaimer first, I'm generally a fan of your work and I'm sorry you got harassed by the cryptocurrency crowd. I'm not an expert on cryptocurrency or mathematics, so I'm inclined to assume your analysis is essentially correct and the cryptocrowd is wrong.

However, as somebody with a degree in…

Or die trying, there are some risks involved


It has been recently brought to my attention that some people who have read my wizardy articles would like to learn something practical. Hm, why am I getting Skyrim mage guild flashbacks? Anyway, fair enough.

I generally try to…

Introduction to how aliens would engage in relations with a species like ours


There has been a lot of interest in the topic of unidentified aerial phenomena and/or totally aliens lately. …

It doesn't matter what the political motivation for questioning is. Specifically, it doesn't affect whether any accusation is plausible or true, or to what extent.

Sure, accusation isn't evidence, but to disqualify a theory immediately or primarily because of what kind of people were its first or are its major proponents is the guilt by association fallacy, that you were saying is bad only one paragraph earlier.

You should really decide whether you want to criticize people for using fallacies, or whether you want to use them yourself. Or, again, at least put more space between the two.

Come on, that's a pretty severe false equivalence. At this rate, I'm surprised you didn't include flat Earthers.

These theories are not even equivalent to each other - there is much more and better evidence, and much less counterevidence, for the Moon landings than for what the official 9/11 explanation rests on, while the "ClimateGate" would require orders of magnitude more conspirators than the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis. This is at best a really fallacious argument, or at worst a cynically manipulative one.

Not all conspiracy theories are equally obviously untrue, and some aren't untrue at all, even some that require large groups of medical scientists, like the Tuskegee experiment. That's why betting on assumptions is just not good enough when getting to the bottom of such cases.

My counterargument wasn't in any way a personal attack, sorry if it looked that way. It also has nothing to do with what I want.

It's about logic and reasoning. I seriously don’t think that the argument from parsimony applies in cases like these, at all.

It's true that, in…

Martin Rezny

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